Guinness on me

I lived in London and visited the city many times since 1997, but it was only recently that I discovered Primrose Hill. For my surprise, I also met Londoners that have never been in the hills before.

Primrose Hill Sunset
Primrose Hill Sunset

When in London you must go there. If you are lucky and skies are blue you will watch an astonishing sunset from the top of the hill and will have a beautiful and unique view of this city.

View of the city
View of the city

If I haven´t convinced you yet, you should go there for neighbourhood atmosphere. The hectic central London can be as calm and quiet as the British countryside. Don`t you believe me?

Go there. Get off on Chalk Farm Station, cross the bridge above London Rail and go all the way down in Regent´s Park Road until you get to the hills of Primrose Hill. From Tube to hills, it is just 10 minutes walking and you will pass by small shops, cozy restaurants and coffee shops, but the more important, traditional English pubs.  Please order a pint of Guinness on me.

Regent's Park Road
Regent’s Park Road

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